The same rules, care, and aesthetic considerations apply to making paintings, illustrations, social media branding, or designing a book. It's all about getting the viewer to pause and behold, and hopefully perceive and receive the messages therein, whether they're of pure aesthetic pleasure, or calls to action. 

I'm an Adobe Creative Cloud generalist who wants to problem-solve and to create. I've worked for advertising agencies and for service bureaus, doing both creative and production work. I've made NFT collections, graphic novels, pitch decks for Advertising campaigns and TV shows, animated trailers for books, typeface designs, posters, murals, scavenger hunts, and social media branding. Even a little copywriting. 

Feel free email or text me, if only just to say hi. 

Rodger Roundy
phone: 203.435.3982
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illuststrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe XD
Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Premiere
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Excel
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