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Title: Yale University Art Gallery Scavenger Hunt
Client: Beacon Self-Directed Learning
Software Used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

As a Creative Director and instructor at the Beacon Center for Self-Directed Learning in New Haven,CT, I wanted to create a fun activity that would cross promote our brand-new educational startup, as well as the newly refurbished Yale University Art Gallery. I split our teens into two teams and had them compete for the highest score in the 90-minute scavenger hunt. The event was a great success and our teens, each of whom had left traditional schooling behind, clamored for a sequel. I got Ion Bank, which has recently opened up branched in New Haven area, to contribute piggy bank squeeze balls as prizes for the participants.

We were very honored to have Curator of American Art John Stuart Gordon there to bestow prizes to the first and second team.

The scavenger hunts are downloadable below, free to use. Two businesses in the area have used them for team-building exercizes. The large majority of the works to be hunted are still within view.


Hunt #1: 11' x 17" Click to view/download pdf

Hunt #2: 8.5' x 11" Click to view/download pdf