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Title: @AugustLandmesser
Software Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 made it LEGAL for the American public to be propagandized by the US government, that is, to be lied to. I've wondered why this new law was even deemed necessary. Did the spinners of establishment narratives need legal cover before laying on falsehoods and mixed truths more thickly and widely? Are we warier now, with many historical documents being declassified, of how staged events catalyze increased militarism and social control? Or is division the goal of this propaganda? I've certainly noticed a downturn in the civility of our national discourse since it was put into effect.

Some posit that we are in the midst of A Great Disinformation War, played behind the scenes. People who look behind the curtain of the establishment narrative are labeled as "conspiracy theorists", or worse. World views are fragile things, and people reflexively protect them because no one wants to appear to have been hoodwinked or fooled. Disclosure movements are dangerous because Disclosure upends worlds.

This above work is part of a series called Great Awakening, a collection of graphic propaganda posters meant to raise questions and spark conversation about many issues orbitting the established popular narrative. This particular one is about the identity crisis of social media companies: between their ability to censor users they disapprove of vs. social media as a public utility open to all.