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The Light Bus Returns

In the summer of 2018 I was hired by the visionary Dr. Bob Hieronimus to join a small team of artists in recreating a very famous 1963 Volkswagen Kombi wagon...

50 years earlier Dr. Bob painted an intricate all-over symbol-laden design on the VW bus belonging to his friend Robert Grimm, singer for the rock band Light. Grimm would soon take the Light bus up to the Woodstock Festival in 1969, where it was featured in an iconic Associated Press photo and became a symbol of a generation.

Our work began with clearing out and preparing a barn, creating a scaffold that would support two people to paint the roof of the bus. Soon after arrived our blank canvas: a nearly identical vintage 1962 VW Kombi.

We carefully gridded the entire body and penciled in every last detail from the original Light Bus...

It was a painstaking process that took many weeks, and for much of the time we had a documentary film crew present. We were expected to be knowledgeable about the symbology behind the bus, and to explain it for the cameras. I brushed up on my pithy quips, but we'll see if any made the final cut...

All the hard work and attention to detail paid off in the end. It was a pleasure to work with suh a fabulous team. (That's Dr. Bob in the bowler hat!)

After the physical bus was finished I was tasked with designing some collateral pieces promoting the Lightbus' return to Woodstock after 50 years.

These included a postcard

And a commemorative T-shirt using original elements from the bus.

This page explains only a small part of Light's story.
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