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Dover: A Forgiveness Fable

In 2016 I finished writing and illustrating a children's graphic novel, "Dover: A Forgiveness Fable." The artwork was created entirely with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and the layout and typesetting with Adobe InDesign. Using Adobe Premier and After Effects, I created the book trailer for the project (watch it til the end and you won't regret it) Synopsis, select page spreads from the book, and ordering information follow.

Synopsis: Forced out of their home forever, Dover and her parents accidentally leave behind Gracie, Dover’s beloved pink bunny. Heartbroken, Dover accepts a strange invitation to an even stranger castle, home to a friendly trio named Abel, Mike and Eve. As Dover and her new friends explore the thousands of fascinating rooms inside the castle, a mysterious locked door appears. Dover grows obsessed with what’s behind this door. Will our hero discover the key to opening it? Of course she will! And that’s where her troubles truly begin. Enjoy this bittersweet adventure about a daring and determined girl, as she learns lessons about forgiveness, bravery and how sometimes the fool who rushes in gets the job done.

Dover Book Cover